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Welcome to All-Photographers

About the Group:
This group is for all photographers and their personal category of photography. You may submit any type photography into this group, whether it be portraits, nature, animals, objects, scenes, sunsets, roads, you name it! Just remember to submit to the right folder.
Photography will not be declined based on quality!

:bulletblue: To submit art, you have to become a Member of the group > click "Join our Group" above
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Other things:
:bulletgreen: If there isn't a category that suits your photography style, please submit your work to the "Other" folder
:bulletgreen: If you're curious about anything or want to ask any questions or even have suggestions, be sure to send a note.
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Other than that, enjoy the group!
There has been many creepy crawly Halloweeny things going on here on DeviantArt.

I thought I would share....

:iconunknown-photography:’s Haunting Photography Contest

A Haunting Photography Contest! The Winners!Hello everyone!
Welcome to Prettyflour's Halloween of Horrors!
We are incredibly pleased to announce our winners!
1st place winner:

By :iconMerlin222:  Merlin222
2nd place winner:

By :iconbyrdseyephotography:   ByrdsEyePhotography  

I want to thank everyone who participated.  We had LOTS of frightening photos fro this contest.  
Happy Halloween everyone!
Fall is here. Leaves are turning.
Apples and pumpkins are EVERYWHERE.
Halloween is right around the corner.
It's time for scary photos.
It's time for a contest!
A Haunting Photography Contest
This is a photography contest.
Show me a haunting photo.
Scare me. Thrill me.
Give us a spooky photo!
The deadline for this contest is 10/30/2016.

1st place winner:

this is halloween by Merlin222

By :iconmerlin222:  Merlin222

2nd place winner:

Bozo is Back by ByrdsEyePhotography

By :iconbyrdseyephotography:   ByrdsEyePhotography

:skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull: :skull:

:icondeviantsgallery:’s Halloween of Horrors:

Halloween of Horrors 2016! The Winners!!It is with shaking hands and a pounding heart that I announce the winners of our Halloween of Horrors!
In the Black Cat category:

  by :iconan9reyart:  An9reyART
Special mentions to
 by :iconshining-scribe:  Shining-Scribe
 by :iconmidnighttiger8140:   MidnightTiger8140
:skull:  :skull:  :skull:  :skull:  :skull:  :skull:  :skull:  :skull:  :skull:  :skull:  [Death]  [Death]  [Death]  [Death]  [Death]  
In the Witches category:

 by :iconr-aters:   R-Aters
Special mentions to:  
  by :iconclaudia-polese:   claudia-polese
  by :iconwipaige:   Wipaige
  by :iconszigeti:    Szigeti
  by :iconsaintprecious    SaintPrecious
[Death]  [Death] &

Black Cat

Winner: Halloween theme (cat 2) 26 10 2016 by An9reyART   by :iconan9reyart:  An9reyART

Special mention to
Friday QuotaShe starts her Friday by taking a red marker
And making an "X" in the thirteenth box
Underneath the orange and black "OCTOBER".
She is nervous but hopeful as she brushes her hair.
When the mirror slips from her hands and becomes shards,
She knocks on her dresser and takes a deep breath.
Because it's raining, she gets her umbrella and opens it before
Opening the door and stepping into the storm.
She walks on the puddle-filled sidewalk, fingers crossed
And mind cursing her own forgetfulness.
Heading down the soggy city street, she looks at her watch,
Discovering she is late for work.
Desperate to be on time, she runs underneath a ladder,
Stopping shortly afterwards to pluck a penny from the pavement.
She is nearly there, but her progress halts when she trips,
And once she is back on her feet she takes just one step
Before tripping again, and the misfortune soon occurs a third time.
She winds up being fifteen minutes late, for she stops
At the local trinket sho
 by :iconshining-scribe:  Shining-Scribe
Happy October~ :D by MidnightTiger8140  by :iconmidnighttiger8140:   MidnightTiger8140



The Boy Witch by R-Aters  by :iconr-aters:   R-Aters

Special mentions to:  
Inktober 2016 #28 Drawlloween Witches by claudia-polese   by :iconclaudia-polese:   claudia-polese
The Worst Witch by Wipaige   by :iconwipaige:   Wipaige
Witching Moon by Szigeti   by :iconszigeti:    Szigeti
Witchy Poo by SaintPrecious   by :iconsaintprecious    SaintPrecious

Evil Spirits


Evil Spirits in Love, 3D-Art by shibashake     by :iconshibashake:    shibashake

Special mentions:
I've exorcised demons.
I've dealt with ghosts.
I know the world
We fear the most.
I've tasted blood,
I've engaged in ritual,
I've danced in the moonlight,
Till it became habitual.
With all the beauty of all the mystical
We are all dreams,
I think you will find
Save our cognizance's testament,
We are but mud given spirit, shape, and mind.
I've lived curses,
I've become gangrel.
I've come back out of it,
Like a bat out of hell.
I've seen the face of the void,
That great eye.
Twisting the manifestations
Of the great lie.
I've brought life out of earth,
I've made it rain,
I've made fire burst,
And I've called on air,
And held the reigns.
But the greatest rite,
I omit from you-
For man cannot grasp it.
And with that, I bid you adieu.
   by :iconizikiel-ezra:   Izikiel-Ezra
The Wolf.    I could feel the it coursing though me, making me feel stronger.  I felt the transformation begin, and it made me feel even more powerful.  My muscles bulged under my now too small shirt, and my jeans began to rip at the seams as the transformation warped my legs.  I felt the gray and white fur growing over my body, and the claws that ripped out of my fingers.  I felt every bone crack in my legs and feet as I adopted a digitigrade stance.  
    My once human feet were elongated, and my once perfect human body was now a twisted half animal form.   My back began to arch, giving me a feral look that could only be attained through a transformation such as mine.  I felt as my  face painfully grew out into a muzzle, and my canines became large enough and sharp enough to bite deep into flesh.  My ears shifted to the top of my head, and became the ears of an animal, triangular and pointed.
    The mist t
   by :iconstarwolf160:   Starwolf160
Janna Jinn Legendary by KiJaein    by :iconkijaein:   KiJaein
Evil Spirit of York by digitalArtistYork    by :icondigitalartistyork:   digitalArtistYork

:skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull: :skull:

:iconpoeticalcondition:’s Trick or Treat Contest

Trick or Treat- A Contest- The Winners!Hello everyone!
Welcome to Prettyflour's Halloween of Horrors!
With trembling hands and a belly full of candy I give you the winners of our Trick or Treat Contest.
First Place Winner:
Tricky Treat        
By :iconShining-Scribe:   Shining-Scribe

2nd Place Winner:  
Sweet Dreams    
By :iconMaggotsX:   MaggotsX  

A great big THANK YOU for everyone that participated!
All the entries can be read here:
All Hallows Eve draws close. Is your costume ready? Are you going to trick or treat this year?  Wanna write some spooky poetry to capture the spirit of Halloween?  Check out our latest con

1st place winner:

Tricky Treat The moon, full and gleaming, blesses Halloween night
With her kiss of light, shining orb complimenting
The eve of troublesome tricks and tantalizing treats.
Under the lunar Goddess, a tricky treat is in the making,
The maker cackling loudly as her bubbling brew is birthed
With a plethora of ingredients gathered all throughout the night.
Cool air, gentle wind and hooting owls are a terrific triad
For the salivating sorceress who offers the results of her scavenging
Into the concoction that changes colors as it approaches completion.
Pebbles that taste like rainbows, brown wafers that easily break,
Multicolored worms of stretchy composition, red fish straight from Sweden,
And orbs whose center can only be reached with an immeasurable number of licks.
Beans of jelly, corn that's been candied, bars named after Earth's galaxy,
Almonds said to bring joy, tiny stones that pop in one's mouth, spheres which can break a jaw;
All of gathered from the surrounding area f

By :iconshining-scribe:   Shining-Scribe

2nd place winner:

Sweet DreamsSweet Dreams
Oh sweet dreams, gone to sour skittles!    
Slumber ate in wakes & gurgles.    
A witch, a witch cackling fiddles:  
Sugary spell-craft  cauldron burbles.  
Sour dreams skittle, candy riddles.  
Slumber ate in wakes & gurgles.
Belly a monster, teeth gnashing  
Sugary spell-craft. Cauldron burbles.
Gollum riddles inside churning
Snatching counts of sheep while he chortles.
Belly a monster, teeth gnashing
Sour dreams skittle, candy riddles.
Gollum riddles inside churning.
Oh sweet dreams, gone to sour skittles!
Sleep devoured by trick-or-treating.
MaggotsX @ 10.03.2016

By :iconmaggotsx:  MaggotsX

:skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull: :skull:

:iconpoets-and-warriors:’s Things that go Bump in the NIght Contest

Things That Go Bump In The Night- A ContestHello everyone,
Welcome to Prettyflour's Halloween of Horrors!
And here are our winners!  Please take a moment to check out there work and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!
1st place winner:
By :iconasahi-taichou:   Asahi-Taichou
2nd place winner:

By :iconsweetie-chars:   Sweetie-Chars  

All Hallows Eve draws close and dark spirits are chomping at the bit for some spooky poetry. Help us slake their thirst for the macabre word and enter our latest contest.
Things That Go Bump In The Night
Take that theme and interpret at will.
We are looking for poems- new poems written for this contest.
Make it scary. Make it mysterious. Make it spine chilling!
Any form of poetry you want.  Any length. Go crazy. Go creative!

1st place winner:

Things That Go Bump In The NightThe shadows played against the wall
Spurred on by the faint light emanating from the fire
I lay tucked underneath the covers of my bed
Wondering what horror might befall me
My mind would hesitate on each worry
Each ghastly atrocity that could appear to snatch me
I burrowed myself deeper into my cocoon
Hoping beyond hope that it was a sanctuary
I felt the dull vibration of a noise
At first, I questioned myself if I had heard anything
It echoed again, finding its own pace
That reached my ears with a muted regularity
Before long it began to repeat faster
It grew in volume and I knew it was coming for me
I drew the blankets tight to my chest -
Finding my own heartbeat to be the source
By :iconasahi-taichou:   Asahi-Taichou

2nd place winner:

Monster CampaignsPolitical supporters following like sheep.
Count them 1, 2, 3, so I can go to sleep.
Nightmares before and after my alarm goes beep.
In the day the candidates scare me until I weep.
Trump is the greater evil and so Hillary I keep.

By :iconsweetie-chars:   Sweetie-Chars

:skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull: :skull:

Prettyflour’s A Monster Calls- A Prose Contest

1st place:

Monster’s Mind            
Monster's MindStiff.
That’s all my body was.
Stiff and sore.
Cracking my eyes open, I started to assess any injuries that those brats gave me in the brawl. My findings, or, more so, lack of findings, make me smirk in a sadistic glee.
There wasn’t a scratch on me. Looks like those brats were bluffing.
I’ll have to punish them for even making me think that they were a threat though. No one tricks me and lives to tell the tale.
Ooohhh, this was going to be fun.
Wonder which one I’m going to play with first.
The youngest? It would certainly be fun to see those big doe eyes filled with fear when I crush her precious ‘memory marbles’ and then her.
The middle child? I know that she feels her sisters are her strength, so why not get her all alone and let the feeling of helplessness take over.
The oldest? Leave her in a dark holding cell for a week with nothing to keep her alive but moldy, rotten food, and slowly watch that big brain unravel due to terror.
Or, why not g
   By :iconsilverfox1025:   SilverFox1025

2nd place

Dunsbury Prior Church    
Dunsbury Prior ChurchThe Dunsbury Prior Church
Bats in the belfry, rats in the walls and something more
Part One. History and Discovery
It is a topic of domestic, localized history that old things get replaced by new and, with passage of time, they get forgotten; at least, until someone or another happens across them and discovers them. So it had happened that Dunsbury Prior, which was both near in proximity and close in constituency and manner to such places as Arkham,Massachusetts1, had built a new church for the residents and the old church, which by then had aged eighty five years, went on ignored and forgotten.  That was, until someone had wandered by it and discovered it.
Even as the living mass of flesh and tissue slowly ruminates in the grave and finally leaves behind the structure-bones-in its wake, so the edifice of the old church had slowly crumbled and left behind the few remnants of the structure. Left ignored and forgotten by men so long, the rema
   By :iconmichelxpuabi:     MichelxPuabi

Make Then Stop      
Make Them StopWWP for Fanfiction-friends: Horror.
Word count: 296.
World: Original.
“Make them stop.  Make them stop.  Make them stop.”  Voices don’t stop.  No, no, no.  Don’t stop.  Don’t stop.  Have to.  Have to.  No, no, no.
The Voices whispered.  Whisper, whisper, whisper.  Bugs crawled across the floor.  Making noise.  So much noise.  Ears hurt.  Yes, yes, yes.  Ears hurt.  Ears hurt.  Make it stop.  Make it stop.
Light from the Bugs.  Shining bright.  Too bright, too bright.  Voices don’t like the light.  Don’t like it.  Don’t like it.  Sorry.  Sorry.  Sorry.  So sorry!  Just stop.  Stop!
Sound.  Sound.  More sound from Bugs.  Light from Bugs.  Getting closer.  Too close.  Too close.  Too close.  Voices don’t like Bugs.  Don’t like them at all
  By :iconsci-fifan95:     Sci-Fifan95

:skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull: :skull:

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